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3 Right Practices in Service Psychology


Motivation concept

Define, Measure and Control Customer Orientation Score of customer facing staff

Genex Prism Methodology, for example, allows for a high degree of accuracy in measuring customer orientation of staff. Post the assessment, the staff below the curve are either put through an intervention program or recast into a more suitable role as per their traits.

reading-owlFocus on T&C of the ‘Psychological Service Contract’

It is very common to spell the processes and policies to customers in the course of a complaint or protest, totally disregarding the customer point of view. Oftentimes just showing empathy to their expectations and explaining rationale of your rules brings customers back to normalcy.  A recent angst of a customer with the popular hosting provider, Godaddy, was resolved by a Manager who just listened with empathy and took pains to explain their rationale and by suggesting some alternatives.


Empower Customer facing staff slide11

Customers want to talk to ‘responsible officials’. Responsibility is seen as indicative of ‘powers’. Given this psychology, providing some low risk powers to front line staff for discretionary application is not a bad idea. An example is a late fee waiver provided by an Amex Credit Card Representative at their call centre to a Corporate employee of an MNC, since their systems were down on the due date because of which the customer was unable to pay on time


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