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3 Key Skills that Webchat Reps need


Webchat  poses unique skillset requirements as opposed to a tele-caller or a branch representative.

Famously the webchat is a channel used for providing greater efficiency at lower cost.  If your Organization has chosen this for issue resolutions or enquiry, it will be imperative to either hire dedicated reps for web chat or train reps to handle chat as an additional channel.

Success at webchatting requires  basic use of computers and the application used for webchat. In addition, core skills required are


Product / Process knowledge: Reps should be thorough with products and process knowledge as response time in a chat is not very long to allow for reading out from manuals or rule books.

Best Practice: A good Knowledge Management (KM) System will greatly help webchat executives find answers quickly, more than typical scripts provided

Multi-chatting Usually the webchat executives are measured on number of resolutions and are expected to run multiple chats at the same time. So, ability to chat with multiple customers at the same time may not be avoidable.

Best PracticePractice, Practice, Practice, plus a good support with a KM system to help with quicker discovery of answers to questions

Writing skills: As important as speaking skills to a telecaller is, writing skills to a Webchat rep is. This cannot be compromised.

Best Practice: Pre-screen potential candidates for writing skills before selection to the job.


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