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7 Minimum Expectations of a Customer


We already know that customers favor a provider that offers better customer service. We also know that a satisfied customer is more likely to recommend your product or Service. This morning, there was a report on ET corroborating the same. Now, moving from this reality to finding what exactly customers expect, VOC360 (a sister brand of CSAT360) commissioned a survey among retail customers across BFSI, Retail and Telecom segments (the vastly regulated segments) to identify the bare minimum expectations of a customer to want to continue the relationship with a product/ service provider. The gist is shared below.


An overwhelming 67% of the respondents identified all the below 7 factors as key to a satisfied experience (mind you, not a delightful experience, but a minimum standard of expectation to do business); 23% chose at least 6 of the below and 10% picked less than 6 of the factors as most important to them. The gender ratio of male to female respondents was 78% to 22%; age group ranged from 19 to 55 years and regional spread was across Metros to Tier 3 locations. Some of the key tags used in their expressions for each of the above is shared alongside



transparency1. TRANSPARENCY: Point out Fine print; terms & conditions; exclusions; hidden costs;






2. TRUSTWORTHY: promises kept; no mis-selling; genuine discounts/rewards






3. ACCURACY: Note Correct request information; avoid repeat calls or visits; give accurate status





4. SENSE of IMPORTANCE: Respect for customer; Polite; Clarity in response; importance






    5. MEET MARKET STANDARDS: Best of breed; At least as good as others



quick service


6. QUICK SERVICE reasonable time to respond; smooth process;




easy access


7. EASY ACCESS: response from call centre; walk-in centres; emails;




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