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Apple Watch: Aims to go beyond healthcare



A popular Market Research firm measured a 97% customer satisfaction rate for Apple Watch and the impact it’s having on their health, their daily routines, and how they communicate is impressive. Apple’s own market research shows that 94% of Apple Watch owners wear and use it regularly, if not every day.


Messaging and activity features are among the most popular and social networking apps including Twitter, WeChat and LINE are seeing the most usage among third party apps. Apple believes that the possibilities for Apple Watch are enormous and that’s been reinforced in just the first few weeks since it became available to customers.


For example, doctors and researchers at leading hospitals in the U.S. and Europe are already putting Apple Watch to work in improving patients’ lives. Nebraska Medicine, the latest hospital to adopt Apple Watch, has rolled out new apps that facilitate communication between patients and doctors and provide quick access to important chart and dosage information.


Ochsner Health System of Louisiana is using Apple Watch with hypertension patients to gather important information like daily activity and blood pressure level, and leading cancer centers like London King’s College Hospital are incorporating Apple Watch into trials for ongoing care and monitoring of cancer patients.


Apple Watch solutions are targeted to go well beyond healthcare. Users can track their fitness, get breaking news alerts, follow their investments, and connect with friends, from a single device. The user experience for Apple Pay and Siri is nothing short of incredible and customers are enjoying countless other features through the over 8,500 third-party apps available for Apple Watch.



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