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Are customer testimonials serving their purpose


In a short survey undertaken among IT Solution providers, there is a pertinent question emerging: Are customer testimonials serving the purpose.

Among 212 Organizations surveyed for data over the last 4 years, there has been a steady increase of 12.9% in the publication of customer testimonials or case studies as they are sometimes referred to. Surprisingly the efficacy of the testimonials has gone down over the years. Excerpts from the survey results:case study4

  • While the number of IT project deployments have increased in absolute terms, customer satisfaction at the success of deployment has decreased or stayed flat and consequently, the proportion of customer success stories published have decreased
  • There is an increase in the number of published testimonials in absolute terms
  • The quality of testimonials have improved with respect to content coverage diversity, but has declined in quality of content and trustworthiness. Customer would still prefer personal references to published testimonials. The most common reason cited is that of forwarding sounding content and lack of recognizable metrics
  • Marketing leads of IT firms opine the lack of domain knowledge on the part of technical writers for the lack of value of case studies
  • Customers still prefer using the case study publication for shortlisting of vendors as opposed to not having them at all
  • IT firms affirm the challenge involved in getting content writers to produce quality case studies
  • Sales folks of IT firms cite lack of adequate testimonials as one of the key reasons for losing out on early mindshare with prospects
  • Project Leads of IT firms believe that real success of a project is never captured right in a case study
  • There is a high level of satisfaction with case study references around COTS products and commoditized services. There is a high level of dissatisfaction with case study references around transformational and strategic initiatives

CSAT360 is studying the above aspects and working to share a more successful strategy at achieving better results with customer testimonials. Please watch this space.



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