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Best Practices In Case Study writing


Organizations looking to record their customer testimonials would be well served to follow the below best practices, compiled from a survey held this year.

  • Case study writing is best adopted in 2 phases, at the minimum, for every successful story. One, soon after the deployment or adoption that highlights the experience of implementation, and two, after the minimum threshold for realization of ROI or TCO or business benefits as the case may be.
  • Case studies without relevant metrics to the key messages are a strict No No
  • Avoid vanilla content writers and rope in experienced domain experts
  • In house teams of IT firms actually do a worse job than even vanilla content writers, primarily due to other pressing priorities of technical writing such as Specification documents etc.
  • Case study partnership with a vendor entails greater familiarity with solutions under reference
  • Work on customer buy-in well in advance
  • Success rate of  customer testimonials is very low i.e. the number of willing customers is just 25% of the total targeted. So eye for more.
  • Many customers actually like to be quoted. Work to support them and make it their personal win as well
  • Approximately 1 in 7 firms are averse to having a case study created of its projects.



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