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Smart body dynamics for a better Customer Experience at serious ecommerce portals!


Fitting a 3D on-foot shopping experience into a 2D online format can be challenging. What one can do, is to bring differentiation of benefits and give customers some intelligent options.

Remember the use of legs, eyes and hands in a shop to pick, see, drop, collect, inquire and move around or wait in queue? Not to forget the need to lug around the cart or bag on hand? This is merely replaced with clicks, scrolls and strokes that use your eyes and hands only. The strain that we need to avoid for customers on-store is the same strain we have to avoid online. Lets see how.

  1. Ensure Smooth, forward navigation, across categories, products upto the billing page and beyond.
  2. Allow for movement from any page to any page, with fewer clicks, or strokes or scrolls
  3. Avoid conflicting eye and hand movements to use back buttons, or other keyboard centric actions like scroll, clicks; etc. or, forcing eye movements from one end to another, top to bottom, page to page, pop-ups to pop-ups, during a single purchase cycle.
  4. The fewer conflicts to hand and eye movements, the better is the experience like the use of mouseover action rather than click action
  5. More of the eye-gaze can be used by
    • Showing the last applied filters for the same product category bought last time; Showing last purchased products for an easy, repeat order of the same;
    • Showing price comparisons simultaneously with products of similar ingredients or specification
    • Allowing for customer reviews and sorting them in the order of their value to shoppers including a summary on top.
    • Provide for single click purchase options.
    • Allowing for one click cancellation & refund
    • Clear zoomable images on mouseover and 360 view of products and giving a feel for size, weight, background, etc.
    • Product filters for selection appropriate for the product category.
    • Buying guides for every product in a crisp and simple language
    • All payment options as are there in the most popular ecommerce site.
    • Trustmarks on products
    • Shopping cart icon, Add to Cart, Edit Cart, Continue shopping, Cancel shopping buttons
    • Responsive across devices
    • Providing all product label info of a product including key dates

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