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Essentials of Customer Service Audits


CS auditCustomer Service Audits can be conducted by an Organization to track their performance on key customer service metrics.


To cover all major Customer Segments; Channels of purchase/ service; Channels of communication; Customer facing processes for sales and service; Customer impacting backend processes for sales and service; Delight processes*; etc.

Assessment areas

  1. Outlet Audit covers customer experience when they visit your walk in outlets. Includes the entire chain of their experience from pre-entry to the time they leave the outlet. Usually handled through surveys and mystery shopping techniques
  2. Website Audit covers customer experience when they visit your website for self service or informational purpose. It covers their visit patterns; link / page preferences; drop points; etc. This is handled through a combination of post-visit surveys and website analytics including a sign off feedback.
  3. Ecommerce Audit covers all of the elements of Website Audit and in addition puts special focus on purchase experience through online transactions. Covers a whole gamut of factors involved.
  4. Call Centre Audit covers customer experience when they reach your call centre. It covers the entire chain of the communication till closure; including abandonment and wait period. This is handled through a combination of post-call survey.
  5. Email/IM Audit covers the experience of customers when they communicate through emails or webchats or IM chats on the website for their requirements. It covers the entire chain of communication till closure. This is handled through a post-transaction survey.
  6. SMS Audit covers the experience of customers when they are approached through SMS for transactions with predefined syntax for different transaction types. This covers the entire chain of transaction until closure and is handled through a post-transaction survey, also usually through SMS
  7. Mail Audit: Is similar to Email Audit except that the communication is received and responded through physical mails


Note: All of the above audits include both customer-triggered and provider-triggered processes.

Pre-Work & Re-Work

Before the Assessment, its important to workshop for answers to a few important questions with key executives of the Organization across levels. This is used for benchmarking the pre-assessment with post-assessment changes to the audited elements. Its a long list, with combinations of questions posed to different personnel based on their role and accountability. A few of the questions are given below

  • Who are the customers
  • Why would they purchase your product
  • What are the customer expectations
  • What is the Customer Service Charter of your Company
  • What is the Customer Service Standard now? Where would you like it to be?
  • What are your current perceived barriers to the same?
  • Who in the Company should be holding the charter
  • What do your customers think of your standards today
  • Etc.


Once the Scoping; Pre-Assessment Workshop; Assessment including data collection and analysis; Post-assessment workshop is over; the final blueprint of future strategy is encoded in the Report. Best prepared in collaboration with the Company representatives to avoid it from gathering dust. The report includes not only the future strategy but also details around the course of action for execution. A typical impact would be around the 3 major enablers i.e. People, Process, and Technology

For further enquiries around conducting a CS Audit please write to content@csat360.com who will put this across to teams conducting the same.


*processes or workflows designed to be offered to target segments to ‘delight’ them; provide a ‘Wow’ experience; usually not a part of regular offerings. It could be part of a limited period campaign or a strategy to upsell to value customers


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