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Humanized ATMs to help better leverage Customer engagement!


Service Design strategies a MUST to offer differentiation of banking experience to customers 

What should the customer experience be like at ATM and branches? How does a company remain true to its brand? Yet stay relevant to customers? Service design a relatively new discipline that asks some fundamental questions, aims at re-designing the overall experience of a service across communication touch points. Implementing a relevant Service Design can help organizations use their existing available resources to the fullest. Hence the importance of Service Design is being felt across industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Aviation, Banking amongst others.

bank-of-the-futureThough tpt of service design in banking sector has been widely implemented globally, in India it is a very new concept and is gaining momentum. The Deutsche of the Future in Berlin is a branch without barriers. The banks’ customers are called guests. Advisors and bank guests meet each other at a comfortable lounge and friendly atmosphere. The different approach towards design starts with the branch architecture.

The bank branch was not designed by a typically bank branch architect. The branch was designed by architects who usually design Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Tailor retail stores. The bank products come in special designed aluminum boxes and sales processes like “to welcome bank guests” and “account opening” are designed and trained restlessly by branch staff. Bank guest and advisor do jointly navigate through complex financial matters by simply touching a large table screen. In context of advisory of retirement provision the branch has doubled sales.

ATMs were first introduced over 40 years ago and since then many features have been incrementally added to the machines, in order to fulfill the dream of a truly “automated teller”. Modern ATMs offer a wide range of banking transactions; nevertheless the actual interaction has remained largely untouched.

Another example is of the Spanish bank BBVA. In early 2007 the BBVA wanted to re-think their self-service channel from scratch. The challenge was not how to further automate the teller, but rather how to humanize the machine. A totally new self-service experience: an ATM built from user up, rather than components down. The ABIL ATM was designed on the basis of experience and observations of how people behaved at ATMs in branch offices in Spain, Mexico and the US.  Significant improvements in personalizing operations, the sense of security and privacy and in terms of ergonomics were done to achieve a competitive advantage.


Thus Design is all around you, and that’s really the crux of the service-design discipline. It’s not simply the design of a service alone but the integration of all elements that provide a one total experience. Banking Marketeers should be poised to take control of their customer experiences by incorporating the best of Service design in their offerings.


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