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Indian Railways to delight customers: Budget 2015


India’s Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu announced a list of improvements towards their focus on Customer Experience this year. Indian Railways boasts of being one of the globe’s largest network servicing the world’s largest democracy. Listed below are the announcements to make rail travel better than now.


  1. Advance booking of tickets by 4 months
  2. Safe travel for women passengers through installation of CCTV in select trains
  3. Wheelchairs to be made available in railway stations, can be booked online.
  4. Elevators to replace the long stairs in railway stations
  5. Wireless access in select stations
  6. Around 17000 bio toilets and vacuum toilers, similar to airplanes, to be installed, both in trains and railway stations,
  7. A Helpline for easy access (138) for reaching the railways for requests, concerns etc.
  8. Sophistication in preventing train accidents through use of Technology
  9. Tickets in multi lingual formats
  10. Quick purchase of tickets, within 5 minutes, for unreserved travellers
  11. SMS alerts of train statuses
  12. Charging points inside trains
  13. Quality and supply of meals to be spruced up
  14. Vending machines to supply packaged water
  15. Eco friendly measures to optimise use of power and water
  16. No increase in fares
  17. Train speed to increase in select routes
  18. Satellite railway terminals in major cities
  19. Railway crossings to be replaced with under and over bridges
  20. Central Rail Display Network for better control on rail management
  21. Security helpline 182 introduced
  22. Bedrolls can be booked online
  23. Concierge services at Stations for pick up and drop
  24. AC Trains for local travel for Mumbaikars


The down side of the budget

  1. No new trains introduced but more berths are being packed in the trains.
  2. Women traveling alone or alighting alone still stand the risk of lack of safety
  3. There has been no announcement on the Layout of Railway Stations which are currently not very structured or Organized leading to thefts
  4. Security beef up for entry and exit from stations not mentioned

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