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Internet.org is working according to Facebook


With Internet.org, Facebook has a lot of momentum with its goal of connecting everyone in the world to the Internet. A year ago, Facebook launched the Internet.org app for the first time in Zambia. And since then, they’ve made free basic Internet services available to more than 1 billion people in 17 countries.


Results show that Internet.org is working. After launching free basic services, mobile operators are seeing people adopt mobile data 50% faster than before. And more than half the new people coming online through Internet.org choose to pay for data and access more Internet services within their first 30 days.


The company recently made changes to the Internet.org program for both developers and operators that will give more people access to even more free services. With the Internet.org platform, now it’s easy for any developer to create services that integrate with Internet.org. And in the month of July, the company announced a portal for operators that makes it easy for them to quickly launch free basic services in new countries.


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