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Journey of Customer Interaction Management from Call Center to Multi-Channel Contact Center


By Mr. Kartik Kakar, General Manager of Marketing, Ameyo

Customer Interaction Management in a call center was once constricted to phone calls, where telephone was the only mode of communication between a customer and the organization. This was good enough then, but not anymore. 2013 CCSI findings said that two-thirds of contact occurs through phone calls, only 54% of customers prefer this method of communication. This was probably what triggered the evolution of call centers to multi-channel contact centers and now to Omni-channel contact centers.

With the explosion of digital communication channels, smart phones, virtual customer context, and millennial in the customer database, companies and enterprises sought to demand for a multi-channel contact center that enables Omni-channel interactions. With the advent of more channels and customer context, the significance of a customer interaction management solution arose. What was once a simple channel of communication transformed into one that manages all points of interactions into a single platform enabling companies to streamline communications. Growing customer expectations and behavior transformed not only the technology equipped by them, but their perspectives on customer engagement and communications.

  • Integrating multiple platforms to get a single view of all customer related queries and interactions from all support channels
  • Turning the contact center into an Omni-channel customer engagement hub that accentuates customer service and experience
  • Establishing presence in all support channels and providing customers the option to hop channel to their preference.

Every day, customers share a stream of information about themselves through interactions. They rarely use just one channel of interaction to communicate or even complete an interaction. Yet few companies integrate this information to create a superior customer experience. Instead of bringing the conversation to square one, multi-channel contact centers can consolidate all available information to deliver relevant, prompt and expected support. With Customer Interaction Management Solution in a multi-contact center, customer service agents are armed with relevant context of a customer when addressing a request. Customer context is now integrated from multiple channels and displayed to agents in a single view to facilitate them in delivering a seamless and customized experience. This transformation of customer interaction management in a multi-channel contact center turned over an overarching issue among contact centers being seen as a cost center to be seen as a strategic asset to organizations. A major share of this appreciation goes to the use of data- primarily customer insights. Organizations now use customer data to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and sentiments to drive desirable outcomes. Equipped with predictive analytics and customer insights, associates can focus on marketing and customer service efforts.

Author Bio- Kartik Kakar

Kartik is the General Manager of Marketing, Ameyo (www.ameyo.com). He is a technology marketing professional who is passionate about building and delivering delightful customer experiences for brands. Ameyo Customer Engagement Hub, a market leader in Omni-channel customer experience has been in operation since 2003, helping over 1,600 customers in 40 countries to orchestrate more than 1 billion interactions each day. The Ameyo Customer Experience Platform aims to power optimal customer journeys consistently across touch-points, channels and interactions nurturing customer loyalty and advocacy.



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