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Keeping pace with Big Data, the latest in Customer Experience Technology – CXT


We present here an example of how a global firm handled emerging influence of new technology during the dot com boom days, to rejig its own business model in time to capitalize on the market growth. Maybe we can take a leaf out of it to repeat the same with the Big Data impacting customer engagement models in the marketplace today. Reproducing…

During the dot com boom, one of the world’s largest logistics player, UPS, was exploring to get a grip on the changes brought about in the marketplace. Customer acquisition among new entrants to business was their focus and they wanted to make use of the then emerging technology i.e. internet.

UPS debated internally on the best way to get operationalize the application of new technology and started the first step by setting up a unit called Dot-com Intelligence Forum. This forum consisted of decision makers within UPS across units that connected every month regularly. The team then created a centralized database for dumping all market information gathered by each of them on the dot com technology as well as the various options of business models emerging around it. The team made extensive effort at meeting up with several dot com based companies or internet companies. The database steadily got enriched with sufficient information and business models to afford an unfolding of the impact of this new trend in technology and multiple ways it was being adopted and executed.

The ecommerce logistic service model at UPS was born out of this exercise.



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