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Key Positions that Matter, to Maintain Customer Centricity


As the market throws flexibility and options to customers, so does the need for managing them increase. Given below are key positions that the  Organizations need to look out for continued focus and transformation to meet the changes in buying dynamics.

  1. Customer Service Representative: CSRs as they are lovingly called, are now having to deal with customers who approach a seller through various channels: Email; Phone; Online; Social Media etc. They face an increasing need to adapt to capabilities of active listenCSRing, writing, and assimilating information from multiple touch points. Outsourcing social media responses to marketing agencies, not specialised in customer management is a strict No- No. If this needs to be outsourced, the vendor partner team should be dedicated for this activity and skilled appropriately. Secondly, these CSRs have to be provided with integrated technology to seamlessly view customer expectations landing up at their desk via multiple channels. Integration also means providing them with actionable insights from various business systems in a form they can understand and use over their customer interactions. So, in summary, a big support towards Training, Skill Development and IT enablement for CSRs.
  2. Sales and Channel Partners: Clearly your channel partners or Feet-on-Street field force can do more with Business insights than ever before. Organizations need to focus more on ease of use, insights on the fly, and enable these at the grass-root level of sales channels. While CXOs have been the privileged lot for such Analytical reports, there is a goldmine of use that can happen at your last mile where sales deals are being struck.
  3. Business Analyst: A key role that translates business outcome into expectations from technology or vice versa. This is the rolBusiness Analyste that can fill the gaps in what the customer expects and what gets delivered due to system lapses or process gaps. A deep understanding of the business domain and a parallel understanding of consumer technology is key assets that this role can boast of. Also a team that usually gets sandwiched between the CIOs and other Business leaders of the company. Its time that this role evolves to greater strategic heights in the Organization
  4. Pre-Sales; Underwriting or Product Portfolio team: The team that decides the prices at which to sell the product or service, especially where the prices are negotiable unlike with core products with fixed price. Wpresalesith poor customer insights and lack of predictive analytics, this team can almost never do a good job. And pricing is a key reason for loss of a customer. This team needs to be greatly empowered with insights around ground realities and ability to price right for its target market. A siloed approach, which is what is seen in most Organizations, can do little good to this team.
  5. Back-office: The team that converts the promises of CSRs and Salesperson into reality riding on the solutions created by the Business Analysts and pricing set by the team above. Back-office is shielded from the flak of the customers in the advenBackofficet of a grievance but is under maximum pressure to deliver to SLAs and Benchmarks. Back-office performance has a large dependency on the empowerment to other units cited above. This also includes teams on field that perform background checks and verifications. These teams also need to be aligned with a centralized treatment to customers and equipped with tools such as mobile apps, MIS and phone support.


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