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Primer: Acronyms and Metrics in a Tele Sales Operations Unit


AHT: Average Call Handling Time

Conversion: Number of calls converted to actual sales

Conversion Ratio: Ratio of calls converted to actual sales to total calls made in the same period

Net Conversion: Incremental Sales conducted in a day

Cross-sell: A method of selling to an existing customer other products of the same Company

Up-sell: A method of selling to an existing customer the same product of higher value or in higher quantity

Call back Rate: The number of call back done to a customer to resolve a query or clarification. This can also indicate call back from customers who were awaiting an action but did not receive

Abandonment Rate: Number of calls abandoned by customers due to long wait. This happens especially in an inbound tele call scenario

Reject Rate: This is the reverse of conversion rate in the strict sense. Refers to the number of callers who reject the sales offer.

First Call Resolution: The number of queries resolved in the first call itself. This metric is measured usually by asking the customer.

C-Sat: Customer Satisfaction usually indicated by a score

NPS: Net Promoter Score which is a single line survey to customers if they would recommend this brand to their friends. Also known as Referral Score

A-Sat or E-Sat: Agent or Employee Satisfaction indicated as a score

Revenue per Call: Average Revenue earned as a unit of call (Typically Revenue Earned/Number of Calls in a certain period)

Cost per Call: Average cost incurred per call (Typically Total Cost of operations/Number of Calls in a certain period across the Tele Sales Unit)

Margin per Call: Margin refers to Profit margin earned. Margin is Total Revenue (-) Total Cost. Margin per call is the Total Margin Earned / Total Calls  for a certain period. Margin is usually also indicated as before tax and after tax deduction. This is the most important metric to know the profitability of the Tele Sales channel for an Organization


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