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Hi, Thanks for the high NPS. Your friends’ contacts please? Blam!!


A large bank recently attempted with its sample set of customers across tier 2 cities the unthinkable, which practice we thought was long buried deep into the ground never to surface again. They asked their supporters to share phone numbers, email ids and names of friends who can be honoured by a Sales pitch by the Bank Manager. Guess what, their NPS is now deep in the ocean!

Executive placements who scout you for a plum position, seek your ‘support’ with referral contacts when you reiterate your continued happiness with your employer! privacy

But all this free-seeking-of-personal-data is getting sensitive in a place like India too, where several confidential details are freely available on several websites, thanks to poor design and website security; paper application thefts; lapses with franchisee data collectors; etc.

When it comes to government, there is a larger Right to Information Vs. Right to Privacy debate. Search the net and you will find tons of guidance documents around how to balance this. In fact its a good practice for every Organization to publish its Guidance document for the information of their customers and employees as well as vendor partners.



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