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Top 5 Uses of Customer Call Waiting Time That Works!


Do you face a situation where your customer calls far exceed your call center strength leaving many of them onto repetitive announcements, music etc. that result in call abandonment, dissatisfaction?

While the good thing is that this is an indication of your business being in great demand!, lets look at how to productively use this reality!

Keeping with our culture of crisp and quick reading, we go straight into the FIVE TOP USES of Customer call-waiting time based on a survey of 55 successful organizations round the world across industries serving retail customers. The ranking has been based on their end user feedback.

  1. Running the Day’s important news headlines – as relevant to the demographic profile of customer

  2. Relaying some of the newest but clean jokes

  3. Playing popular music of the region – as relevant to the demographic profile of customer

  4. Sharing quick Tips and Tricks to common household needs

  5. Providing important deal discounts & announcements for the day relevant to the Organization


If detailed report of the survey is required, the enquiry may be sent to content@csat360.com



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