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Etailers’ key to success with customers this festive season


Come Sonline shoppingeptember, India will see a string of festive occasions giving rise to a 4 month shopping season culminating in New Year celebrations. A few tips to ecommerce players ahead of this period, to ensure super success of their business plus a large list of satisfied customers

  1. Adequate stocks to suit target segments; disembark least preferred items
  2. Tie-ups to bring out new products / gadgets
  3. Enhanced logistics network for shoppers who expect ever faster shipping and delivery during this season.
  4. Introduce temporary fast-track services; express delivery services if possible. There are always last minute demands during the season
  5. Even faster return of defective or damaged products, where permitted. An equally good logistics framework supported by call centre efficacies and distributor/ manufacturer buy-in
  6. Dedicated quality team to oversee the entire fulfilment cycle from a customer point of view
  7. Contrary to popular beliefs, discounts can be defocused and instead the cost applied to efficient handling for a better experience.
  8. Retraining customer sales and service personnel on Customer Experience Management
  9. Drive more sales towards merchants with highest positive feedback
  10. Web portal speed, responsiveness, easy navigation and most important – Search – to be at its best
  11. Any change to process or website to be made RIIGHT NOW to accustom visitors before the season.
  12. Proactive connect with customers right away on what to expect
  13. Introducing changed interface at the brink of the season is a No No, unless it is clearly easier and better to adapt
  14. Add-on: Customer call back for opinion, will add greatly to the overall success. (Ensure that the person taking feedback is also able to initiate action for any concern, is an absolute must, or you are just wasting the time of customer)

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