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Up Above the Sky So High, Now enjoy the flight – with Wifi !!


inflight wifi2Most people know you can check in  for your flight before arriving at the airport these  days, but that’s only the tip of the travel  technology iceberg.  Says Carley Knobloch, TV  personality and digital lifestyle expert, in a press  release, “If the technology exists, be it a new app  or renting a movie in flight to keep children  entertained during a long flight, we should take  advantage and find ways to make our lives –  including travel – less stressful.”

For example, Check out Gogo’s list of eight apps every air traveler needs.  The Glympse app will track your destination and estimated arrival time to make coordinating airport pickup more seamless. “Here on Biz” is the first in-flight social network that allows passengers to view each other’s social networks and there is Gogo Vision – Gogo’s in-flight entertainment.

Southwest Airlines started selling movies on demand for $5 on its Wi-Fi-equipped flights early last year according to New York times.

Gogo, a global leader of in-flight connectivity and wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions provides passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices to get online on more than 2,000 Gogo equipped commercial aircraft. In addition to its commercial airline business, Gogo has more than 6,300 business aircraft outfitted with its communications services.

As of June last year, there were 8,700 domestic flights in the US offering Internet connectivity, according to a report by Routehappy.com.  Though Gogo is the leader, it faces stiff competition from players like Panasonic Avionics, Row 44, ViaSat and OnAir.

Honeywell Aerospace and Gogo, which supply in-flight connectivity systems to airlines, are collaborating with satellite giant Inmarsat to implement the “first global high-speed broadband for the skies” dubbed the Global Xpress (GX) Aviation network.

Briand Greer, president of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, said in-flight Wi-Fi could generate $2.8 billion for the company alone over the next 20 years. Honeywell also conducted a survey of 3,000 passengers from the United States, Britain and Singapore and nearly 90% would give up an amenity, such as drinks or a better seat, for a faster and more consistent wireless connection.

How does Wifi work inflight? When flying over land, planes use telecommunication towers to transmit Internet signals but during long-haul flights, when they fly over large expanses of water, consistent connectivity becomes a problem and in those cases, a satellite network is used. In December last year, Inmarsat launched the first of three satellites that will serve the GX network. Air China will be the first airline to test it, on its A330 fleet in the second quarter of 2015

The technology would benefit cockpit and airport operation and reduce the turnaround and maintenance of airplanes since it would be possible for the aircraft to be connected to the ground always.


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