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Click-and-collect retail model – A primer




According to a survey by International Council of Shopping Centers, in 2015, nearly 1/3rd of all purchases were made on a Click and Collet model in the US holiday season. Key drivers for this model to take root is the high shipping costs and inconvenience of having to wait for delivery.

  1. Its a model where the purchase is made online but collection of items is done at a pick up point by the consumer
  2. Click-and-collect is more labor-intensive for retailers but provides opportunities to upsell at pick up stores
  3. For consumers, it provides an ability to save time of choosing items at self service stores and not miss home deliveries while at work as well as take quicker deliveries
  4. Customer satisfaction can be impaired with non-stock situations or inaccurate status of availability at the time of purchase
  5. More popular in the West – primarily US, UK and Germany, over 70% of online purchases are predicted to be on click and collect model within 3 years.

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